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Are you looking for a great way to learn self-defense? Want to get fit, become disciplined, and gain confidence in yourself? Take a look below to find out more information about K.M.A. There is always something out there for you to dedicate yourself to and Martial Arts might just be the thing for you!

Mr.Rey mentoringour Junior Students on sparring day!

At K.M.A Sensei Rey a Second-Degree black Belt in Kenpo Karate teaches multiple ways and techniques of self-defense . Ranging from Jujitsu, Judo, Taekwondo, and most importantly Kenpo Karate. Sensei Rey's goal is to train his students to be even better Martial Artists than he is. At the beginning of your journey you will be taught the fundamentals at a slow steady pace. As you continue on your Martial Arts journey you will be taught more in depth by not only just Mr.Rey but also the intermediate students to help you expand your knowledge about self-defense. If you are three and older you are eligible to join KMA.

Become Part Of A Family

K.M.A isn't just about learning self-defense but is also the opportunity to make new friends and be able to be part of a family while also learning self-defense. Your classmates will become your brothers and sisters. You are responsible for not only learning self-defense on your own but also helping others.

Meet Our Staff
Mrs. Rey Profile Pic.jpg

Mrs. Rey

Mrs. Rey is in charge of  the business and office administration. She is even a former adult brown belt. She loves to see and support the kids through the Martial Arts journey.

Sensei Matthew Rey

Sensei Rey has trained in multiple striking and grappling arts. He effuses these arts into American Kenpo to ensure a well-rounded self-defense system. He also strives to build a healthy community and connection throughout the students and families in KMA. 

Zoe Rey

Zoe Rey isn't just the Teacher of the Cub Club but is also a former KMA student and is the Sensei's Sister. She makes sure your little ones get the fundamentals of Martial Arts while also having fun.

Our Volunteer Team

Dedication. Support. Motivational.

Our Volunteer Team is made of K.M.A Students who are dedicated to helping the younger students on their martial arts Journey. They are willing to support and motivate the little ones to stay commited and be succesful 

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